Version: 1.1.784
Who are WeKnow’s customers?
Our clients are entrepreneurs, companies and organizations, in all industries and sizes, that need professional custom market research.
How can you offer an affordable price?
We use technology to help you design and order detailed custom market research, as well as to find the most relevant analysts and get you what you need – a quality report. The cost savings that result from not using the traditional human-intensive process are passed on directly to customers and analysts, making this a win-win situation.
How does WeKnow ensure quality deliverables?
WeKnow uses an innovative mechanism, combining technology and cognitive elements to ensure that you will get at least one quality report, although you will most likely get two. You are protected by our money-back policy, in the unlikely event that both reports are not at an adequate level.
How does WeKnow ensure confidentiality? Is the work anonymous?
We offer you an option for anonymity, so the analysts are not exposed to your name or the name of your firm. The main reason for this is that WeKnow would like to maintain complete objectivity of the research. However, it is really up to you. You can choose to share the name of the firm, products and additional background information in your request. In some cases, it can increase the analyst’s understanding of the business needs.
Can I use WeKnow for free?
Scoping a project and getting a quote are completely free and don’t even require registration. Conducting the research and delivering the information you need involves a fee.
Who are the analysts?
WeKnow is a marketplace powered by professional analysts. Industry analysts, domain experts and information specialists can join the WeKnow platform after they fill in a detailed profile, sign our Terms and Conditions and confirm our best-practice policy.
Kicking Off a New Project
How long does it take before a project can start?
WeKnow can assign the relevant professional analysts and kick off within 24 hours.
Who is conducting the research and writing the report?
WeKnow’s matching algorithm matches your scope of work with professional analysts who have experience in the required domain. All analysts go through detailed profiling, best-practice orientation and a vetting process.
How do you choose the analysts?
WeKnow uses an intelligent matching algorithm to identify suitable professional analysts based on the project briefing and ensure their commitment to deliver the report on time and at the required professional standard.
Which contracts need to be signed before the project starts?
The administrative burden is kept at a very minimum and you will have to approve our short Terms and Conditions before payment is made.
Review, Ranking and Payment
What special responsibilities do I have during the project?
After you receive the two reports, you are asked to do the following: Read the two reports, answer a short set of feedback questions that we use to calculate the ranking score of the analyst and confirm project fulfilment.
The report is not clear enough, how can I get clarifications?
Our goal is to make sure all of your questions are answered and that everything is clear, therefore, although we hope to avoid such a scenario, you can submit a request for clarifications within 48 hours from the time that the report is delivered to you. After clarifications are provided, you will be asked a few feedback questions and confirm that the projects is fulfilled.
How do analysts get paid?
The project’s budget is divided between the analysts based on the feedback provided by you.