Version: 1.1.784
Registration Process
Do I have to pay anything to be included in WeKnow’s analyst and information specialist platform?
No, registration to the WeKnow platform is free.
How do I register?
Enter the Analyst Application page, fill in your details and click Submit. You will be contacted shortly by our team with a request for additional information about your capabilities and experience.
Can I register while working full-time?
Yes, as long as you accept our Terms and Conditions.
Can I apply without experience?
Yes. Anyone can apply and start the registration and profiling process. Note that WeKnow is a professional marketplace for professional information specialists, analysts and experts.
How do I make my profile as attractive as possible?
When you receive the Analyst Profile form from our team, make sure to include all of your capabilities, expertise and experience. Your differentiator is your background and experience in products, services and specific domains, as well as other elements such as languages, education, and more.
Matching Process
The platform assigns the most relevant professional analysts for each project, using our unique mechanism and algorithm.
How do I know there is a project for me?
Each time we receive an order that matches your skills, you will get a project offer notification on the WeKnow platform and via email.
What information do I get about the project?
You will receive a detailed project briefing with everything you need to know, including the scope of work, content, budget, time, etc.
What information are you using for the matching process?
We combine the information that you provided in your profile with the information we have accumulated on your preferences from past projects.
I received a notification regarding a project, but the project briefing is not clear enough. Can I get clarifications?
The project briefing provides a detailed project description. Any additional questions can be submitted to the WeKnow system and we’ll make sure you get an answer before you commit to the project.
How do I win a project?
Once you receive a notification, you need to confirm your commitment and willingness to take the offer. Our matching algorithm will select two winners to conduct the research from those who have responded.
What is the timeline for confirming my commitment to do a project?
The notification comes with a response deadline. We aim to provide between 12 - 24 hours. It depends on the project.
Research and Delivery Phase
To be accessible and easy to use while ensuring high quality for the client, we try to keep it simple.
Can the project briefing change?
No. You are expected to deliver only what was in the project brief we have confirmed with you.
Do I need to provide progress reports?
No, however, we do ask you to let us know when you start and to raise a flag if anything unexpected is going to prevent you from submitting the draft report on time.
Is there a template for a research report?
Yes, you will be provided with templates to use as well as a short list of simple instructions to follow.
How do I deliver the reports?
You will receive instructions to send or upload the report to a designated email address or location.
What happens after I send the draft?
After the customer receives your draft, they have 48 hours to ask for clarifications. The draft phase is therefore a support tool so that you can receive feedback and maximize your compensation.
Review and Payment
I do not know the client, who guarantees my payment?
Once you are selected and formally notified, WeKnow guarantees your payment.
How does the review and ranking by customers work?
The customer provides feedback about the delivered reports. It is then calculated by our compensation distribution algorithm. The algorithm calculates multiple variables including the customer’s structured feedback, historical data, report type, budget, and more. The algorithm is designed to detect abusive feedback that may lead to an “unfair” distribution.
When do I get paid?
You will receive your payment within 7 days after the customer has reviewed and provided final confirmation.
What happens in case of disagreement with the client?
There is no reason whatsoever to have disagreement with the client. Our process is designed to avoid any kind of misunderstanding. Having said that, if such an incident occurs, WeKnow has the final say in how best to solve the problem. Our highly experienced research leadership team has the tools to evaluate your work as well as the customer’s feedback to make sure it’s fair and reasonable.